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November 28

#Spotlight: Wekeed, Monitor 66, the Establishment & Hard Mix

Welcome to Spotlight, a new highly compressed format of presenting music at the Lane. Spotlights will feature condensed snapshots of artists of which very limited information is available – they may become the next big thing or simply perish in the masses of artists. One thing that is certain: They have managed to draw attention […]

September 10

Nouvelle Vague – Bossa Nova, New Wave as you want!

Nouvelle Vague consisting of Marc Collin and Olivier Libau are a musical project from Paris founded back in 2003. The two guys, originally producers in the electro-pop scene, had the idea of re-introducing famous punk and new-wave tracks. A simple idea but not yet the full concept of Nouvelle Vague. Collin and Libau didn’t want […]