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November 28

#Spotlight: Wekeed, Monitor 66, the Establishment & Hard Mix

Welcome to Spotlight, a new highly compressed format of presenting music at the Lane. Spotlights will feature condensed snapshots of artists of which very limited information is available – they may become the next big thing or simply perish in the masses of artists. One thing that is certain: They have managed to draw attention […]

July 21

Gold Panda – pretty “melodic” Minimal

It’s always rumoured that if you’re abroad for longer time you start to adjust to the respective culture. Well after listening to Gold Panda I think we can answer this question with a big fat YES. Derwin Schlecker, originally born in Peckham UK, lived in Japan and graduated in Oriental and African Studies before eventually […]

July 11

Two Inch Punch – melodic influenced Minimal

Two Inch Punch, also known as TIP, has earned increasing reputation after covering Metronomy’s “the Look”. At first Ben Ash was reproducing and remixing various great songs of other bands before actually putting out his own tunes. His music does not affiliate with other remixes that easily as he considers himself as a frustrated Soul/RnB […]