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Where are You?
You find yourself at “the lane” a music blog featuring weekly updates on acts, bands, singers, projects which deserve a special mentioning. If you’re fed up with mainstream beats, voice changers and lousy rock beats you’re right where you’re supposed to be!

Who am I?
If you had a chance to check some of my posts you’ve realized that all the content is published by YonderLad.  That’s just a nick I use to fully embrace the image of the lane here. I’d consider myself a passionate music-consumer whos I-Tunes media library is about to crack and therefore would like to share some tunes with you. If this isn’t enough information for you just find me on one of the social media platforms and give me a text, I’m always up to meet new people.

How do I do what I claim to do?
First off I’m no professional. Neither do I own any rights of the content posted on the lane. Second there is at no point any cost for you as a viewer.  The platforms I use and share are all publicly available and free to sign up. However I recommend you to register to some of the platforms to better save and sort your favourite tunes. In order to get the most optimal input subscribe to the lane by RSS or E-Mail. The lane is, guaranteed, 100% spam- and disease-free.

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First Time Visitor: The lane is updated 1-3 times per week, depending on the amount of spare time available. You can navigate through the page by clicking at the music-genres or using the names of the acts which you consider favorable. If you like specific acts let me know by liking the posts or leaving a comment. If you want frequent updates just subscribe to the lane. There is no such things as limitations or music which strictly banned from the lane – however the meaning should be to feature acts which maybe are not that Katy Perry or Pitbull at the very moment.

#NEW 23.07.12: Every tenth post feature a bigger, more detailed introduction on acts including interviews and different perspectives on background and origin.

#NEW 23.07.12: All the contents will be revised and you’ll find direct links to the band’s own webpage by clicking their introductory picture.

#NEW 16.09.12: A “sounds like” section is going to be implemented as soon as I find time. You will then be able to listen to similar bands by a simple click.

#NEW 28.11.12: SPOTLIGHT a brand new condensed post that feature a cluster of bands, usually rather unknown acts or one-hit wonders, that get their 3 seconds of fame.

Regular Visitor: If you find yourself returning to the YonderLane on regular basis let me know. I’m always happy to get e-mails and texts containing recommendations of your favourite bands. If visiting and getting information is still not enough for you then we should definitely start interact: Here we go, let’s bring this to the next level!

People who want to work with me: Authors, companies, agencies, passionate-private bloggers whatever you are if you have ideas or feel the urgency to cooperate in any case possibly let me know. Contact me on one of the social media platforms or use daniele.turini@hotmail.com

Feel free to read, comment, agree, disagree or simply listen to the content posted!

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