Glass Animals – Icky, Gooey Tunes!


It has indeed become inceasingly difficult for Indie bands to attract attention. The first time I heard the song “Gooey” of Glass Animals I was like, wow nice bass! Second thought: Did he just say: “While my naked fool, fresh out of an icky gooey womb?!“

I became suspicious, so I checked some interviews and found this live-performance of the Oxfordish band when Dave Baylay, the leadsinger, admitted: Yeah, my mum too think it’s disgusting! If you consider odd lyrics a weird way to get stuck to a band – it did work for me.

It wasn’t too surprising reading that the four guys are under the wings of producer Paul Epworth who produced other top shots like Florence and the Machine, Friendly Fires, Plan B and Adele. At least the first two of them were reason enough for me to listen to the rest of the Glass Animals songs.

Describing the genre of the quartet is actually quite hard. You could label it Indie however I’d describe it as sexy, odd, catchy and certainly gooey. I just always have this “tipy topsy smirk” whenever I listen to their songs. Why? Find out yourself.