Downtown Party Network – Spaced Out!


How was your summer 2013? Did you shazam some lively tunes on the dance floor?  I certainly did and shame on me for neglecting this one act called “Downtown Party Network”. “Space me out” – obviously one of the electronic-tracks of the past year. Almost February 2014 and I have been listening to this song once. Immediately fell for it! Reason enough for me setting up this post.

Saulty and Bradka aka. Downtown Party Network seem to be THE box office attraction back home in Vilniaus, Lithuania. Some blogs even claim that they have been touring all over the world. I’m not sure whether this is some sort of clever self-marketing or if these guys truly are one of the upcoming acts of 2014. Admitted, their chilly, electronic tunes are one of a kind. If you’d put some lounge and dance music into the blender “Space me out” would be the result. Enough of words, convince yourself!