#Spotlight: the Preatures, School of Night, Boys Get Hurt & Koobra

SPOTLIGHT on: the Preatures – looks like someone started a riot in Australia

They are recently compared to bands like Haim or Fleetwood Mac – their last song “Is this how you feel?” – dead catchy! Many sources claim their music style to sound like Rock and Roll, some others say it’s Country with some influence of R&B – personally I cannot agree to either of those opinions. If you know Haim or Fleetwood Mac you know that those bands cannot and could not be shelved either.

One thing is for sure: With the masses of electro-pop coming from Australia, this is definitely something that tastes fresh and somewhat unexpected – something to look out for!

…and one very last word (i promise): ONLY 200k clicks on YouTube ever since 23.05.2013 – I have no words for that.

SPOTLIGHT on: Boys Get Hurt – Japanese summer tunes

Two DJs straight from Tokyo. Influenced by one thing only: Summer. What is known about the producer duo is that they obviously like to invite for parties. Their guests: Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters), Digitalism, Lo-Fi-Fink and others. Quite obviously they have a flair for French House as clearly their tunes feature a lot of such vibes. Upshot: The two guys clearly caught my attention by producing fantastic dance/club remixes of various bands and genres.

SPOTLIGHT on: School of Night – the Antler’s Darby Cicci goes solo

A project that hit me the very first minute I played the song is called “lying” of the Antler’s very own Darby Cicci. The multi-instrumentalist apparently just started to collect sounds and building little worlds around them. Those worlds quickly assumed shape and revealed wonderful synth melodies. Very deep, very “goose bumpy” – very, VERY excited on what’s to come from this man.

SPOTLIGHT on: Koobra feat. Joanna – quite likely “Something Real”

It’s two things that won’t get out of my head when listening to this song:

1. Damn you Nokia picked a fucking great song for your retarded devices.

2. Hold on, does that sound like “Midnight City” of M83?

Without any doubt – it does. Still it’s a good song and hej, M83 didn’t do that well ever since “Midnight City” anyway. With some influence of synth pop and dance – and some little financial aid of Nokia maybe – the DJ from Finland managed to produce a catchy tune. However, if this does not end up in another one-hit wonder is left to be proven.