the Other Tribe – I dare you not to dance!


…welcome back at the lane after a break I actually feared it could have signified the end. However, I felt the urge to return for a band I initially had problems to even categorize. Five young guns from Bristol, all colored up, wearing feathers and silly hats. Now I’m not talking about Culture Club, Empire of the Sun or Mel Gibson and Tina Turner in Mad Max – but more of a body of flashy soldiers who started their war by playing at some illegal warehouse parties.

Amazingly enough they do extremely well in what they do. The sound of the Other Tribe is a hodgepodge of keyboards, synthesizer, guitars and percussions the outcome: some kind of jubilant dance-, electro- pop-tunes. To put it in two words: pure exuberance! I’ll give you guys three songs to forge yourself an opinion. Whether it’s gonna be the sultry beats, the shrill head voice or the queer look of the guys, i’m pretty sure it will eventually makes you admit: Indeed, that’s one hell of a lineup!

The Insider: Like the tunes? Check their Facebook page to download “We should be dancing” for free.