UK Garage + 2 Step x R&B = AlunaGeorge

We’re back at the lane trying to promote a genre that indeed isn’t easy to describe AT ALL. What we do is we just simply take a pot, throw in some UK Garage, some R&B, a little bit of Indie, season it with some Electro and maybe some synths and the outcome should, according to the media, sound somehow like pop. Personally I’m not quite confident using this term as it just seems unlikely to be called “mainstream” it’s simply too edgy to leave it like this. AlunaGeorge actually feels like silk on a hedgehog on fire. The silk would quite likely be Aluna and her lovely voice, the hedgehog on fire would then symbolize the destructive beats of George. One might say: This setup is destined to fail. Well, quite frankly: Mixing such various musical genres surely is a brave thing to do and listening to it definitely feels overcharging but THAT is exactly the part where, according to my perception, music starts to get sustainable and interesting.

Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (music), from London UK,  have previously been engaged in individual projects. When meeting on MySpace they immediately realized that they do go very well together. The project barely exist for a year and already they have released an Ep and quite some singles: Analyser/We are Chosen (2011) and the EP You Know You Like it (2012). Their first album is rumoured to be released in 2013 until then I’m pretty sure that their tracks are going to influence the electronical genre heavily. Currently they’re overtaking the UK single charts with their single “Your Drums, Your Love”. Fun fact: This isn’t even their biggest flagship! Other tracks such as “Analyser” (2011) or “Just a Touch” (2012) have not been coming close to be commercial singles but can easily compete with the more popular, current songs. If this isn’t a guarantee for a massive album upcoming then I don’t know what is.

The Insider: I probably shouldn’t say this but it came to my ears that George Reid cited American hip hop such as Lil Wayne as inspirations – WELL AT LEAST it turned out to good account so there is hope for humanity!

Sounds like: Purity Ring, Gang Colours, SBTRKT, Kwes, Jessie Ware, Jai Paul