#Spotlight: Wekeed, Monitor 66, the Establishment & Hard Mix

Welcome to Spotlight, a new highly compressed format of presenting music at the Lane. Spotlights will feature condensed snapshots of artists of which very limited information is available – they may become the next big thing or simply perish in the masses of artists. One thing that is certain: They have managed to draw attention with their tunes and definitely deserve their current spot in the limelight.

The very first issue of Spotlight features artists, projects, couples & DJ’s from the electronica genre:

SPOTLIGHT on: Wekeed – Parisian couple making music but love

The self-proclaimed union of “a girl and a boy brought together by life” are said to produce sensual tunes and sweaty grooves. By remixing big names such as Niki & the Dove, Crystal Fighters or Camille the duo surely managed to catch attention. Their very own track called “Wild Child” however set an impossibly high standard.

SPOTLIGHT on: Monitor 66 – Swedish, bass-oriented, sunset-electro

Probably THE insiders’ tip. Three guys from Scandinavia, revealing hardly any information about themselves. Their tunes are labelled as sunset-inspired beats including funky bass lines and good-mood-guarantee. “Triscuits” has been their high-profile song which already was remixed and re-used by various other DJ’s – originally forged by Monitor 66 however.

SPOTLIGHT on: The Establishment – Pure Minimal with tropical explosion

A project, or better the reason why Yonderlane’s Spotlight was actually set up. The establishment is a fantastic act for which no any information is available. Following the Facebook page you will actually get to know that the project was formed 111 years ago – maybe that explains the act’s huge talent in producing sophisticated minimal house beats inspired by tropical vibes. Irony off.

SPOTLIGHT on: Hard Mix – Deep Downtempo from South Carolina

Reflecting the US house and electronica landscape this young man, a digital media designer, is so overqualified in various ways. The few tracks produced feature very deep, meaningful downtempo vibes so beautiful they risk to be heartbreaking when being in an emotional state. Tracks like “Now Her” are THE kind of very scarce songs I’d like to hear more of in the future.