Tensnake – when Disco meets Electro

Welcome to this weeks post and the clash of two musical genres that guarantee solid dance tunes. In fact, I’m pretty sure that by clicking on the below videos there’s a good chance you all going to turn up your volumes. With Tensnake the Yonderlane features another DJ and producer, this time from hansa town Hamburg (GER). Marco Niemerski, the man behind the project, deliberately proves there is no such thing than electronic music without the influence of disco tunes. Despite the fact that Tensnake doesn’t really deliver mass-production tracks it seems pretty obvious that the few tracks he has come out with clearly can be labelled as hits. A reason for his very few tracks might possibly be the fact that aside he also acts as a producer and owns the labels Mirau and glossy Music.

Some sources say that the music of Tensnake is heavily influenced by the 80’s and Italo Disco Boogie. I can certainly agree to the 80’s thing but at the same time it seems very clear that there are strong influences of 90’s pop and Eurodance. Tracks like “Coma Cat” personally remind me of movies like Studio 54, his new track “Mainline” strongly features the Eurodance sounds as it was popular back in the 90’s. However the definition of his musical genre I’m right now announcing the revival of Disco Music. These tracks feature grooves, are 100% danceable and easily deliver 120 bpm – SO GET OFF YOUR DAMN CHAIRS…

The Insider: Far off from the mainland Europe lie the United Kingdoms. There are no doubts that the UK are producing high-quality dance tunes ever since; there seems to be no need to occupy the ranks of their charts with non-UK acts. Tensnake however easily entered the single charts (not speaking of the separate dance charts) and reached #17 – no big deal right?

Sounds like: Prins Thomas, Bottin, Lindstrom, Todd Terje, diskJokke, Aeroplane