Satin Jackets – Tropical Disco, wait what?

This is when a post starts based on – literally like – no any background info. If you google Satin Jackets you’re gonna find an extremely sophisticated homepage of the young artist and the fact that this man is quite obviously well represented on pretty much every eminent music platform there is. Beside of that you’re also going to find a thousand pictures of satin jackets, but that’s not our business for the very moment. Satin Jackets is a “multi-production project” from Germany, at least this is where all sources refer to. Originally the young man comes from Vilnius, Lithuania. I said multi because beside of being an extremely talented DJ Satin Jackets is also involved in outfits (well of course) is a performer as well as a  producer.

Most interesting about Satin Jackets is definitely the music genre he’s actually involved in. When listening to the tunes of the German-Lithuanian project it seems very electronic house-based. However both terms may only serve to be an umbrella term as a completely new, very own genre seems to open up here. If i’d tell you that the Pet Shop Boys, New Order or Trevor Horn are a source of inspiration for Satin Jackets, would that make it easy on you to understand his musical direction? Definitely not, cause they’re all as diverging as they could possibly be. What seems more obvious is that the tunes of Satin Jackets all share this tropical-touch, not exactly bongos or congas but there seems to be something. Maybe it’s the upbeat dance influence the songs feature or maybe it’s just the thoughts of dancing below palm trees – quite frankly i don’t care, cause listeners all share the same positive feedback when listening to the songs of Satin Jackets.

The Insider: One thing that truly disturbs me about some people claiming to be “DJs” is that they take songs add a baseline and sell the “remastered” songs as their very own versions. What works for a vast amount of people is not what Satin Jackets strives for – his version of Aaliyah’s “Rock the boat”, which itself is already a really remarkable track, is a completely new version which does neither impair nor resemble the original in any way possible.

Sounds like: Rocco Raimundo, Toomy Disco, Casio Social Club, Aphabet City, L’equipe du Son, Tony betties