Cut Copy – where indietronica has its origin

Cut Copy is another Australian, indietronica experiment formed in 2001 which has experienced multiple band constellations. Founding member Dan Whitford initiated Cut Copy as a solo project for his DJ undertakings, after releasing the first EP “1981” Whitford got Bennet Foddy, Tom Hoey and Mitchell Scott on board to perfect the rows of the band. After releasing their debut LP called “Bright like Neon Love” in 2004 Foddy left the group and the trio eventually started to tour internationally with acts like Daft Punk, Junior Senior, Bloc Party, the Presets or Franz Ferdinand.

Their second album “In Ghost Colors” finally broke the ice when peaking number one in the ARIA Album Charts. The songs “Lights and Music” and “Far Away” became famous as a part of the FIFA’09 Soundtrack as well as appearing in the final season finale of Nip/Tuck. In 2010 the band turned into a quartet again with the addition of Ben Browning, their following and simultaneously latest album “Zonoscope” peaked number-three.

When listening to Cut Copy it’s noticeable that they easily draw on different musical genres. Throughout the years the band proved a musical development only few artists can claim of. While some songs feel more like dance-punk some others are easier indiectronica, electropop and still the songs match and do not feel awkward being on the same record. Whitford’s voice remind of a young Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode during their early synthie pop, new wave area. And indeed with their synthie-based melodies Cut Copy can truly be described as descendants of the former cult band.

The Insider: Did any of the above mentioned names appear familiar to you? Ben Browning just recently announced his solo project earlier this year. His first track “I can’t say” reminds very much to the sound of Cut Copy and features numerous well-remixed dance versions.

Sounds like: Midnight Juggernauts, Empire of the Sun, Junior Boys, New Young Pony Club, the Presets, Hot Chip