Walk the Moon – the rise of Power Pop

Young, fast & strident, the Lane is shifting gear and heading towards a young band  known as Walk the Moon. Leadsinger Nicholas Petricca from Cincinnati, Ohio founded the band back in 2008 pretty much as incomplete or misscasted till 2010 featuring the current setup consisting of Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman. When first listening to Walk the Moon they may remind you of Panic! at the Disco or Fall out Boy till you realize that the music they’re actually producing is somewhat different. Critics range from “poppy, art-rock” to “swirly pop beats” when in reality their music is something in between.

Petricca’s soaring vocals endorse the uptempo beats which makes you want to sing along and usually end up to be perfect tracks for destructive dance parties. The lyrics are consequently held simple giving the band their very own, sassy personality. With their fine balancing act between indie rock and pop, their echoing drums, synths and guitars let them be a substantial part of a maybe new uprising power pop genre. This can be recognized by listening to “Anna Sun” a song which Petricca states should remind you to never be afraid to play and to maintain a little bit of your childhood.

The Insider: The band’s current album “Walk the Moon” produced by RCA Records features many tracks of the 2010 self-released “I Want! I Want”. With a little financial incentive the band is now in all ears and managed with “Anna Sun” to be in Esquire’s 30 songs every man should listen to.

Sounds like: Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, Reptar, Young the Giant, Awolnation, Neon Trees