Nouvelle Vague – Bossa Nova, New Wave as you want!

Nouvelle Vague consisting of Marc Collin and Olivier Libau are a musical project from Paris founded back in 2003. The two guys, originally producers in the electro-pop scene, had the idea of re-introducing famous punk and new-wave tracks. A simple idea but not yet the full concept of Nouvelle Vague. Collin and Libau didn’t want to just re-produce tracks, they wanted to create a new niche by creating a feisty mix of bossa-nova and electro-pop tracks. In order to do that they agreed to solely feature young and unspoiled voices, furthermore it was a prerequisite for every singer (mainly female) that they hardly are acquainted with the songs most optimally do not know the tracks at all.

Throughout the years Nouvelle Vague has therefore featured numerous singers from all around the world such as Silja appearing in “I melt with you”, Melanie Pain singing “Master and Servant”, “Ever fallen in love”, Marina Celeste in “Forest” or Eloisia in their very first “Love will tear us apart”. It is apparent that the webpage of Nouvelle Vague well represents their singers as they are well-chosen and profound voices giving the band their very unique bossa-nova characteristic.

The project’s albums “Nouvelle Vague” (2004), “Bande à part” (2006), “3” (2009), “Couleurs Paris” (2010) and “Singers” (2011) have all been quite controversial mainly because of the many tracks Collin and Libeau were copying. From their very first to their last album Nouvelle Vague dared to touch the Joy Division, the Clash, Depeche Mode, the Cure but also German Bands such as Grauzone (Eisbaer). And still the project  cannot be named as a cheap copy-paste duo as they manage to represent in their very own way. The songs are deliberately chosen and reproduced to pleasant new and refreshing versions of their classical version. The success of the band speaks for itself and many critics eventually admitted that the personal passion of the young singers let the band play in their very own special league.

The Insider: The band’s name “Nouvelle Vague” is an homage to the “New Wave”-style of the french cinema industry in the late 1950ies. It is therefore a pun of the project  producing “Bossa Nova” as all three terms share the exact same meaning.