Late Night Alumni – Cold served, at midnight please!

LNA is one of these bands you wanna say “Ahhhh yeah I knooooow them…” when in fact many people, still, really don’t. The reason for the aha-reaction is the perfect blend the band actually represents. Late Night Alumni, for me, is like a modern business concept each and every member has his/her clear role and together form a pretty dominant force on the dance music scene ever since 2003.

The foundation of the band is told like a wonderful fairy tale: When Finn Bjarnson (the classical composer of the band) first heard the voice of lead singer Becky Jean Williams he was immediately spellbound. The two formed a highly sophisticated classical duo, if there wasn’t Ryan Raddon, also known as Kaskade. Finn knew Ryan from former cooperation, Ryan then eventually joined the band to add the electronica element of LNA. Finn however stated that the band felt incomplete and so producer John Hancock joined, who by that time Finn had been trying to “find an excuse” to work with – together they form Late Night Alumni.

In 2004 the band got an offer to release a full-length LNA Album by none other but the giant UK Dance label Hed Kandi. The first released record called “Empty Streets” (2005) turned out to be an EP instead and the album got shelved. The following two albums “Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies etc.” (2009) and “Haunted” (2011) then finally struck like a lightning and the famous Late Night Alumni – Style was born. Both albums include a nice variety of house, downtempo songs featuring nice inter- and outer-ludes, a celestial voice and a nicely aligned mix of electronic and organic beats.

The Insider: The insider this time comes in form of a video, check a live excerpt of LNA (very last video) or go to the homepage to really see behind the story of the band and get fully charmed!