Télépopmusik – Seductive Fall melodies

Télépopmusik are one of THE founding fathers of the chill-out and lounge genre. The three guys from France co-exist since back in the 90ies and produce wonderful backing tracks including soft-synth and electronica influences. Despite the trio, also known as “the French techno craftsmen”, mainly produce more mellow and subtle beats the guys claim that bands like Kraftwerk are still a big inspiration for them. That is probably why, beside of the two albums “Genetic World” (2001) and “Angel Milk” (2005), there are EPs such as “Into Everything” (2005) and “Ghost Girls” (2009) to be found featuring more up-beat electronic tunes.

Generally speaking the vibes of Télépopmusik can be best described as mellow arrangements often supported by sultry female spoken-word snippets. While “Genetic World” feature occasional upright bass samples and almost-dance tracks the second album “Angel Milk” is more consistent and most probably the perfect record for rainy days in autumn to get lost in.

The Insider: Télépopmusik is another musical project who are very passionate in what they do. Despite being a well established act in the lounge-scene their music won’t pay the rent and yet the trio manages to collaborate with known names such as Deborah Anderson (daughter of the Yes-singer Jon Anderson), Angela McCluskey of Wild Colonials and finally Jordan Scott, daughter of famous director Ridley Scott, who produced their most famous music video called “Breathe”.