Washed Out – Lo-Fi Chillwave

Washed out, aka Ernest Greene, was known of collaborating with the band Bedroom before deciding to go separate ways. The reason for the split-up was the different direction of music the two projects had in mind – Greene decided to focus more on calm Chillwave tunes. After secluding himself from the world (by writing profound melodies in his bedroom) Washed out released his first EP called “Life of Leisure” in 2009. The EP features a number of very easy listening, short tunes touching various genres like low fidelity, synthie pop or electronica. His tunes scored huge success especially in the blogosphere when achieving various awards from prominent music bloggers.

Greene’s first album called “Within and Without” released in 2011 is actually a little more specific than the first EP. The album is a little less electronic, little more low fidelity and synthie and probably ten times more sexy (I said sexy doesn’t necessarily mean better). A fun fact is that this is noticeable not only by listening to his tunes, also the front cover of the Album is a little teaser! The two albums are pretty distinct and therefore not easily to be compared however there is no need to – this is what I’d call a solid development of an uprising act!

The Insider: Washed Out’s tunes are very often remix since they feature a solid foundation of catchy melodies. With a remix of Small Black “Despicable Dogs” Green contributed a very catchy and popular track to this summers hit movie Project X. Enjoy!