Phantogram – three-dimensional Indie Pop

From Saratoga Springs (NY) let me introduce you Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter formerly known as Charlie Everywhere today known as Phantogram.  Another duo
sharing the same background, being friends and producing music from passion rather than being part of the big commercial mainstream. The band describes their music as “street beat or psych pop” heavily influenced by echoes, lot of rhythms, swirling guitars, spacey keyboards and airy vocals! That’s actually my first copy-paste cause frankly speaking there is no better explanation to describe the lovely and peerless tunes of the young duo.

The band signed with BBE in January 2009, that was also the year Phantogram released their first studio album called “Eyelid Movies” featuring the very popular tracks called “When I’m small” and “Mouthful of Diamonds” (both in 2009). The fact that the duo does not only convince on records proves the list of artists they have already toured with, which are well-known names such as Metric, Zero 7, Ra Ra Riot, The xx, Yeasayer and many more. Their new EP called “Nightlife” introduced a very pleasant progress of the young duo especially the tracks “Don’t Move” or “Turning into Stone” enable both, lovers and the heartbroken, to daydream equally.

The Insider: For all music-video lovers and all the ones liking a bigger meaning than just plain “you and me = love” stories I recommend to check “Running from the Cops”. It’s a black and white shot video featuring two colors only, magenta and cyan (the two colors needed to make a phantogram or 3D image) eventually creating a little tie-in to the band’s name.