Creative Swing Alliance – Deep House from Strasbourg

…now, who said the real talented acts all come from major cities? Pablo Valentino and Steven-J both from Strasbourg (FR) are sharing turntables for more than 10 years already. What ultimately results in high-class deep house is certainly influenced by the two guys former projects. That is why their tracks often feature, jazzy, soul-affected vibes and neat baselines.

In comparison to other bands at the lane the Creative Swing Alliance surely does not share status or fame however in terms of quality and the depth of their tunes they are in no way inferior.

The Insider: Deep House might still be a little controversial. What often is claimed to be a dull music style actually suits very well for chill-out ambiance! Have you ever been to bars, having a good conversation or enjoying a summer eve in a patio? Well THAT is what you ought to listen 😉