Yeasayer – psychedelic, World music-hippies

When finding the right words in order to describe the guys from Yeasayer I actually had a pretty tough time! I’d say they’re like the “Bing Bang Theory” of Music. Eventually formed in 2006 in New York Yeasayer managed to leap into a music area that yet has to be characterized. Thomas Weiland, a music reviewer, had the right words when trying to identify the guys: They are a neo-hippie community with psychedelic, world-music, pop-electro influence, producing tunes no one has ever heard yet.

I truly think that this description fits pretty well, every time I browse through videos of Yeasayer the guys look nothing like they did in their last videos. What’s absolutely certain is that these four guys are multi-talented songwriter who all are playing their instruments at ease and easily being lead vocals at the same time.

The Insider: “Madder Red” would probably be the one of Yeasayer’s most popular songs, despite the video seems pretty weird. Can you find out the deeper meaning behind?

Sounds like: MGMT, Grizzly Bear, Bear in Heaven, Here We Go Magic, Panda Bear, Dirty Projectors