Gemini Club – Chicago’s finest Electropop

Frankly speaking when I listened to these guys I came expecting some good indie-electronic vibes, eventually I discovered myself staying for extremely sophisticated electro-pop tunes. The three guys from Chicago became popular with their song “Ghost” which was remixed by fellow Chicago Hey Champ back in 2011.

Ever since the tracks seem to become more and more solid. Nevertheless they’re mainly traded among music connoisseur which seem consistently positive about Gemini Club. Despite the few information on the world wide web, the band seems to deliver a good package in terms of style, sound and recognition value.

The Insider: Gemini Club are said to be artists on stage, none of their live performances are alike. If you’re curious what I’m talking about just check their video “Can’t believe you said that”.

Sounds like: Human Life, Edwin Van Cleef, Justin Faust, Them: Youth, Polygon Palace, Cassette Club