Two Inch Punch – melodic influenced Minimal

Two Inch Punch, also known as TIP, has earned increasing reputation after covering Metronomy’s “the Look”. At first Ben Ash was reproducing and remixing various great songs of other bands before actually putting out his own tunes. His music does not affiliate with other remixes that easily as he considers himself as a frustrated Soul/RnB singer who’s into melody, dub, harmonies rap & soul. Quite frankly mixing these elements into one track seems challenging.

TIP manages to mix lovely vocals and impressive beats in ways only few other electronic projects have managed earlier. His first EP is about to be released in the coming month, a first sneak preview can be seen enjoyed on the here on the lane with a nice mashup of the 68 cult movie “Barbarella”.

The Insider: If you listen closely to TIPs tracks you can actually pick out various musical elements such as swingbeats, slow-jam hip hop and dub-tunes, do you recognise some of them?

Sounds like: Jason Burns, Jack Dixon, Kastle, Visionist, Disclosure, Dauwd