The XX – 100% heartbreak warfare

From the Putney-district London (UK) founded in the very early stages of their school days. A place which -quite obviously- seems to accommodate quite some talents, considering the fact that other bands like Hot Chip of Four Tet have been at the same school as the XX.

The band’s first single “Crystalized” was said to be revolutionary in its kind. The direction the band is heading is hard to describe, words that come close would be: mellow, deep, somewhat rocking yet heart-wrenching… The bands last album “xx” reached platinum in GB and gold in France, their new album is about to be released in September this year and will be called “Coexist” according to censors fans can expect a big deal!

The XX are clearly difficult to get assorted to a certain type of music nervertheless or maybe even because of that their reputation is steadily increasing maybe that is the reason why bands like the Gorillaz or Shakira are covering songs of the young band. If you find yourself emotionally ready for the XX this is what you should listen to.

The Insider: Jamie Smith the drummer of the band, also known as Jamie XX, simultaneously produces high-class remixes of the band itself and other tunes. Find a sample attached.

Sounds like: Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, White Lies, the Big Pink, Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic