The Holidays – guitar-heavy Indie at its best

If there is one country which would deserve the “producing awesome bands lately”-Award it is, without any doubt, Australia. The Holidays are a six-headed band from Sydney formed in late 2006. The band’s debut album “Post Paradise” earned countless awards back in Down Under such as the Australian Music Price or the Award for the best Debut Album.

The sounds of the Holiday can be described as guitar-heavy, frisky and yet sustainable songs which perfectly fit for mild summer nights or cosy winter evenings. Their label Liberation feature other great bands such as Little Red, the Tamper Trap or Custom Kings.

The Insider: Before “Post Paradise” the Holiday-Boys released two EPs named “the Holidays” and “When the Ship goes down” both in 2008. The guys explained that by doing this they wanted to show their audience where they are musically and fully feel certain that the direction they’ve been taking was the right to produce their first album.

Sounds like: Sparkadia, Hungry Kids from Hungary, Tim & Jean, Cloud Control, the Jezabels, Philadelphia Grand Jury