Polarsets – a tropcial, indie-electronic revolution

Whether the bands name is a result of a long winter of writing their first single “Leave Argentina” in 2010 or shares a deeper meaning is left to be undecided. Fact is that quite in contrary to their name the young band from Newcastle England produces warm, feisty indie-electronic beats.

For all people thinking “Please, not another indie band…” you’re going to be staggered by the fact of how the band manages to combine pacific vibes such as steel drums, chimes or tropical noises with highly recognizable idie-beats. Signed by the famous French Label Kitsuné Polarsets released their new EP called “Exotica EP” in June 2012 – definitely the right tunes for humid, endurable summer nights!

The Insider: Both EPs “Morning” & “Exotica EP” feature contagious remixes of Jeremy Glenn, Jaymo & Andy George and many more, get some appetizer further down.

Sounds like: Young Empires, Strange Talk, Clock Opera, Waylayers, MAY68, Birkii